Richie Goulazian

Richie Goulazian

Richie Goulazian

Richie Goulazian

About me

tldr; I am a computer science student currently studying at the University of Pittsburgh.

I learn by building things. Personal projects let me explore what's possible with computer science. I also share the joy of personal projects with my peers through my role as the Experiential Learning Director for Pitt CSC, Pitt's largest computer science organization on campus.

My professional career has brought me to Google, Two Sigma (financial sciences), Aurora (self-driving), Semiotic Labs (blockchain), and Timberlane. You can check out my resume for more info.

Some of my favorite free-time projects

Here is a list of some of my favorite projects that I've done in my free time. Check out my GitHub for more!


A 3D renderer built in C++ using raytracing on the CPU. Supports reflections and multiple light sources, and runs in real-time! (~30fps at 250x250 resolution).


Co-founded + led the web/infrastructure development for, a website for finding COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Pennsylvania. The site helped over 450,000 users find vaccines in PA, and had an amazing team of over 200 volunteer callers reaching out to vaccine providers across the state. You can view the news coverage and interviews here.


Trained a reinforcement learning agent in a simplified MOBA environment using self-play, LSTMs, Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), Generalized Advantage Estimation (GAE), and Population-Based Training (PBT).

Impulse Physics Engine

A 2D physics engine that can simulate the interactions of arbitrary convex polygons. Includes friction, bouncing, and fracturing!

Genetic Fish Tank

A virtual fish tank with fish that evolve in real time to survive. They learn to search for food and avoid predators!

Fighter Game

A 2D multiplayer arena-fighting game. It's integrated with an early version of my physics engine, and it features over-the-internet multiplayer and a server matchmaking system!

Maze Ant

A little ant guy that uses his raytracing "antennae" to traverse random mazes! He learned to do this by evolving a neural network brain with my modular genetics library!

Craft War

A 2D "Minecraft Clone" that features internet multiplayer, a day-night system, crafting mechanics, and caves!

Space Farmer

One of the first games I ever made, and one of the greatest learning experiences. You're a farmer attempting to colonize an asteroid while fighting off waves of alien invaders!